About Mrs B

Mrs. Berelson has been a teacher at Glenshire Elementary School in Truckee, CA for 25 years

About my Teaching

Mrs. B has taught for over 27 years in Truckee, Ca. That sure is a long time! Seems like only yesterday she was trying to figure out a lot of the basics.

She does a two-year kindergarten / first grade looping program. She loves the deeper connections that she and her students and their families enjoy.

Mrs. B is a big believer in providing the physical and emotional environment, along with agreed upon procedures, to provide students the opportunity to have a choice in what they learn and how they learn. Students in her class use digital and real resources to show what they know. You should see their new “Creation Station”!

Something that Mrs B is currently interested in is Kid Friendly Proficiency Scales. They are a great way for children to see learning targets for various standards and to work on the building blocks to approach the targets. 


Years of Teaching

Student Connections

Baby Teeth Pulled

Families Served

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Helen Hayes

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